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I have just reached 75,881 words on my latest novel. It’s a sequel to my other book, ‘Kith and Kin’ which you can download here.

(UK) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kith-Kin-Sophie-Bowns-ebook/dp/B01LYS9LHA

(USA) https://www.amazon.com/Kith-Kin-Sophie-Bowns-ebook/dp/B01LYS9LHA

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At what cost?

Plagued by loss, the McGrath’s prayed for change.
They were unaware at what cost, but it could be arranged.

Kith and Kin is just £1 on Amazon-

‘Kith and Kin’ teaser.

You can download ‘Kith and Kin’ on the following links-


USA- www.amazon.com/Kith-Kin-Sophie-Bowns-ebook/dp/B01LYS9LHA

(C) Sophie Bowns 2011- 2017

You misunderstood.

Sorry about the size of this poem, it went smaller than I would have liked. I am currently in the process of posting a poetry series to my Instagram page which is linked to my novel, ‘Kith and Kin.’

You can purchase ‘Kith and Kin’ on the following links-



(c) Sophie Bowns 2011- 2017

“Bonnie was in awe of him.”

-Kith and Kin is just £1 on Amazon. I would love some new readers!

(C) Sophie Bowns. 2011- 2017

Kith and Kin- ‘The thick frost was setting in.’

You can buy my novel, Kith and Kin here-  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kith-Kin-Sophie-Bowns-ebook/dp/B01LYS9LHA

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You can follow me on Twitter here- https://twitter.com/SE_BownsFiction

Instagram here- https://www.instagram.com/se_bownsfiction/

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