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I have just reached 75,881 words on my latest novel. It’s a sequel to my other book, ‘Kith and Kin’ which you can download here.



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(C) Sophie Bowns 2011- 2017

If he played his cards right.

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Security, comfort and time.

John McGrath wanted to provide the three things that he had never had growing up; financial security, comfort and time.

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(C) Sophie Bowns 2011- 2017

Fend alone.

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Downtrodden and disheartened John McGrath, a malnourished eighteen year old cotton mill worker longs to escape the miserable working environment that has suppressed him for years.

Trapped under the tyrannical eye of the factory foreman Mr Hopps, John finds solstice in the wisdom of his best friend and fellow worker Caine Davies, who assures him that times will change.

A refreshing new chapter is offered to John in the form of ladies’ companion, Maira MacWilliams who reinforces his love and trust in others. With his new found confidence a career pathway is opened and better prospects are on the horizon. John’s life will never be the same again, but can happiness have a price?

(C) Sophie Bowns 2011- 2017.

You misunderstood.

Sorry about the size of this poem, it went smaller than I would have liked. I am currently in the process of posting a poetry series to my Instagram page which is linked to my novel, ‘Kith and Kin.’

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Teddy cover for wp

Father you’re in agony, what can I do to ease your pain?

Can I fetch you a glass of water, before you fall asleep again?

Tell me how I can help, for I cannot watch you suffer so

Day after day, night after night your head writhes to and fro

We don’t want to leave your side, though you sleep all of the time

I will stay with you now and listen to the clock’s hourly chime.


Bonnie is that you? How pleasant it is to hear your voice

I loathe being indisposed: my useless body gives me no choice

Darling, you make me so proud. You have achieved far more than I

Hush now, don’t pity me. Please, I don’t want you to cry

My eyes are growing heavier, but before I sleep I must say

I am grateful to have a daughter, who makes me proud each day.


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