(Final part) 



13 thoughts on “Planchette (The page links to all parts)

  1. At first I was just reading whichever chapter I happened upon (sometimes back to front), like browsing in a bookstore, but lately I am reading the pages in order from this index.

      1. The story is catching me up in it, although I usually wait until a story is finished before I let myself get hooked. 🙂
        Time, I should have a few hours for reading on Sunday.
        I try to slice out a little time for fun in my week.

      2. Ah thank you so much, there’s quite a few parts to get through and I actually have no idea how far off I am at finishing ‘Planchette’ ….. we’ll see 🙂

  2. I have only started reading in the last few chapters and it is really good. After trying for some time, being a little sick this weekend helped me start from the beginning and read every chapter. I’ve found, on reading them all, I don’t like either character or what will eventually happen to them, they are both quite selfish pieces of work, but your writing style and they lay of the story has me hooked and I can’t wait to see what happens. A mess of contradictions, yes, but that’s how I feel. Looking forward to the next instalment. (108)

    1. Hi Jennifer!
      Ah that’s interesting that you say that you don’t like either Ava or Oscar! Thank you so much for reading my work & I shall try to put up the next part soon!

  3. Hey Kid! Finally have time to get back to reading and writing… now I have to figure out where I left off in your story, so I can find out what happened. Don’t think I haven’t wondered.

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