I have biscuits I can give- a poem.

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(C) Sophie Bowns 2011-2017

You misunderstood.

Sorry about the size of this poem, it went smaller than I would have liked. I am currently in the process of posting a poetry series to my Instagram page which is linked to my novel, ‘Kith and Kin.’

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(c) Sophie Bowns 2011- 2017

“Bonnie was in awe of him.”

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John did not give himself credit where credit was due.- John, Kith and Kin.

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John McGrath was a tailor through and through. -Kith and Kin.

(C) Sophie Bowns 2011- 2017

“Maira, I long for another child.”


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(C) Sophie Bowns 2011- 2017

Book Review. Kith and Kin. Sophie Bowns.  

The Reader's Handbook

We are automatically inclined to feel sorry for John, working for little reward at a mill and harshly treated by Mr. Hopps. 

Sophie Bowns sets the scene very well and I was easily transported into the past and into the lives of John, and friend Caine. Life seems like it may never change for John, until he meets Maira. 

I think Kith and Kin highlights the poor working conditions at that time and I like the anxious and fearful parts of John’s character. This felt real because of the abuse he had suffered.

I like the buoyant ending, abrupt, but right because I felt at this point John’s attitude had changed. 

I ultimately like Kith and Kin for its depiction of family life over a period of time, with job insecurities, tender moments, loss, children, arguments and illness.

Some of the language used isn’t in keeping with the era and…

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