There once was a quirky tailor shop which stood quite alone

It had a sloping roof and a crackling fire; coloured cloth in every tone

This tailor shop seemed lonely for only one soul worked there

And day and night Mr Duce sewed, convinced that no one cared

One day there came a tap at the door and in stepped a malnourished boy

He had spindly arms and sunken cheeks. He was looking to be employed

Mr Duce could only frown. The child stated he had come from the mill

He wanted to chuckle but instead stood back as he leaned on the window sill

This boy had something about him for he seemed gentle and sincere

But there he stood like a timid mouse and appeared to be riddled with fear

Mr Duce took a breath, and with care thought his next sentence through

He nodded, pointing to the bench and told the boy to show him what he could do.

© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016


This poem is based on my novel, ‘Kith and Kin’ which is available on Amazon for just £1. You can buy it here-





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© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016




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