Kith and Kin by [Bowns, Sophie]

This poem is based on my brand new novel, ‘Kith and Kin.’ You can download the Ebook on Amazon for a small donation of £1. 🙂





I am barely an adult myself, but there is one thing that I know

You will have safety and security while we watch you grow

We’ll provide food for you to eat and in meadows you shall play

There will be flowing love around you until our dying day


Bonnie I will protect you and save you from a childhood like my own

We will make mud pies in the garden of the house that is our home

I will help you tie dainty daisy chains, dabble for minnows in the stream

Or simply gaze up into the clouds and let you dare to dream


Darling, I had no childhood, no time to simply be a boy

I fear the damage is done; from the age of eight I was employed

You will have decent schooling and a pile of books to ponder over

My Bonnie, you will understand, but not until you are older.


© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016 





4 thoughts on “My Bonnie

  1. Every parent wants something better for their child. Is it enough to entice you to buy the novel? I think some of the earlier poems more ignited the flame of wanting to know the story, because people want to read about conflict – about overcoming hardship.

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