I am excited to tell you all that I should be able to release ‘Kith and Kin’ as an ebook within the next few weeks after completing a full read through, a full text to speech read through and receiving feedback from two helpful readers. I finally feel confident with this version as it gives a more detailed insight into my main characters and leaves potential for a second book.

The cover

I cannot tell you how much I debated over the cover image, but finally I have an original image that I am happy with thanks to the use of photo editing software. It is incredible what colour editing and a decent font can do!

The release date
Ideally, I would love to release ‘Kith and Kin’ in the next few weeks to a month once I have recieved feedback regarding potential edits. The novel will cost around £1, and I would be thrilled if there were people on here who would be willing to read and review it for me!

As always, thank you for your support!



6 thoughts on “Kith and Kin- a September writing update

      1. I just downloaded the Kindle app, because I am slow and behind on the times. Is Kith and Kin going to be available on there?

      2. Hey! It is indeed. Hopefully it should be up in the next 12 hours. Do you have Twitter? Mine is @SE_BownsFiction I post most of my links/ updates on there. 😀 Failing that, I am always looking for reviewers to review ‘The Defeatist.’

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