~Caine Davies~

Little John, you fret so much. What will be will be

We do not know what the future holds, or if we can be free

You are too talented to be here, your gift is wasted I know

If we aspire to better things, perhaps we’ll get a chance to go

I could not cope without you, do not leave me here alone

The walls inside this building are our only chance of a home

Have you never thought of marriage, having a decent woman on your arm?

Your face has changed, you have turned pale. Did I cause you some alarm?

Do not tell me you are ugly, we are young and  you are  shy

But time is on your side, John. You will spread your wings and fly

John, you have a friend here; you can always rely on me

Events might turn reality upside down. Let us wait and see.

© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016


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