August update

My second (full) draft of ‘Kith And Kin’ is now completed and stands at 84,611 words. I cannot begin to express how much I think it has improved since my (quite frankly poor) first draft. This second attempt helped me to get a better insight into my characters, and I managed to whittle the lengthy start down to about half. Ending the book was the hardest thing for me, and in all honesty, I was tempted to carry it on for longer.

My new book cover

I have been umming and aaahing over book covers for the past couple of weeks. Although my novel is not at ‘full completion’ stage yet, I have been toying with a few ideas. The first image I created was this:










I have to admit that I love the image. It was an original one, created by my sister Lucy. After researching the symbolism of moths, I found that they had links to death and growth, two of the main themes in my book. I love the image, but I was worried that people would not be able to see those links. Instead; I plan to put this moth either on the back of the eBook or on the first inside page. I felt that I needed something ‘tailor related’ as ‘Kith and Kin’ is the tale of eighteen year old John McGrath, a cotton mill worker who strives for more in his life.

With the help of my sister, Lucy (who has art and photography skills) we came up with this second image. I prefer the softer tones, but agree (after receiving feedback) that the font probably needs to be bolder and darker. This image reminds me of the titles during some of the costume dramas that I have seen, particularly the 1983 Jane Eyre mini-series.

Kith and Kin- better cover









Completion date?

Ideally, I would like to have this book up on Amazon in September- late Autumn. I am currently looking for more beta readers, and debating doing another re-draft depending on what kind of feedback I receive. Until then, I plan to continue writing related poetry and will post regular updates on my Facebook and Twitter pages.


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8 thoughts on “Kith And Kin- an August writing update.

  1. Sophie, and from one Indie author to another (as I’ve grasped that you don’t have an agent, or I could be wrong?), when you find yourself wanting to “carrying on” in your book, write a sequel. And if you can continue, write another.

    One thing I’ve learned about the business of literary, Readers love sequels and series. And if they love your story line, then they’ll love your books that much more.

    Good luck in your publishing endeavor. I’d offer my eyes but I’m currently in a novel of my own (my 5th in a series) so my eyes are quite busy:).


    1. Hello there- yes, I am an Indie author. I’d love to write a sequel at some point, actually. I’m going to wait and see what people think of ‘Kith And Kin’ first, and go from there. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post!

      1. You’re very welcome:). And another thing I forgot to mention in my comment, is that when you do publish, and if you decide Amazon, at some point you might want to consider offering your book for “Free” – which is a feature on Amazon (not sure if you were aware?) – as an incentive to get people to read your book, and perhaps, garnish some reviews that way you attract a bigger audience.

        Take care.


      2. Hello again. Yes, I have done a few days on my previous novel, ‘The Defeatist’- it helped a tiny bit, but not enough to make much of a difference. I am always looking for/ struggling to find new book reviewers!

  2. It’s wonderful, seeing your growth since you started out by sharing first drafts with the blogging world. It’s good that you are concerned about the cover, because many people pick up a book because of the cover, in some subconscious way, attracting them to flip the book to the front or back cover to find out something about the story (in a physical book, of course). Although I like the cover just as art, I don’t have the skills to critique the suitability of the cover. I would say there needs to be more to the message – it would need to communicate something about the story that would want readers to investigate further.

    1. Hey Alana, thank you! 🙂
      Yes, those were my thoughts exactly. I think my cover for ‘The Defeatist’ could have been much better, but at the same time, the image has to be original. Hmmm- that’s interesting. Like you said, I think the cover is suitable, but I need to do something which would make it more intriguing. ~Could I put another item in the picture to make people wonder? I will have to have a good think!

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