He fretted about the future and how bitter he had become

John regretted opening his mouth, saying things he should not have done

He loathed the clothes upon his back, he felt useless and what was more

This job was an unbearable punishment or a destiny to be sure

John was just a mill boy, bound by misfortune or fate

Hated because his name was tarnishing at an increasing rate

He was punished for his actions and John did not understand;

Why he lay forgotten at the bottom of a pile. He always had the underhand.


©Sophie Bowns 2011-2016


8 thoughts on “The Underhand

    1. Gosh thank you! That’s a lovely compliment! 🙂 It has been a while since I’ve written any, but I thought it was high time that I did. This one is based around my new novel; Kith And Kin. Watch this space….

  1. Nice one Sophie. I wrote a poem today, only my 3rd:
    Without breath
    Without heartbeat
    This body, I am not.
    All a dream
    Simply illusion
    This mind, I am not.
    Birth, ageing, sickness
    Samsara’s child
    I am not.
    ‘Preferred Priorites’
    ‘Six Steps to Success’
    ‘Deciding Right’
    Fight it, I will not
    End of life care
    ‘Just in Case’
    Hold my hand
    Afford me the lot
    Peaceful, painfree,
    Everything clear
    Passing over, with no fear
    Lost, I am not
    Dakinis welcome me
    The teaching begins
    My cushion is ready
    I pre-booked this EMPTY spot.

    1. Hey Alana- thank you so much. I think I will try to write some more poetry as tasters and try not to give much away. My new novel should hopefully be released within the next few months!

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