I’d firstly like to write a quick apology for almost completely abandoning this WordPress page this year. I have been distracted by my latest novel, “Kith And Kin.” I am currently 76,232 words through my second draft and hope it will be completed within the next month…..watch this space!

What is “Kith And Kin?”
Kith and Kin centres around my male antagonist, John McGrath who the reader meets as a frightened eighteen year old. He is trapped in his line of work during the industrial revolution in nineteenth century Britain. I feel that he is a likeable character, unlike Jude Reed; the protagonist of my previous novel, ‘The Defeatist.’ It is a piece that I have been playing around with for a while. I started writing it last year, but felt that it was lacking something and not going anywhere, so I put it to bed. On revisiting it a year later, and completely re-writing it, I feel confident so far. (I hope to release it as an E-book within the next five months.)

-Thank you for your patience.



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