Cruel Deeds

If there ever was a critter, Francis Hopps was one

What makes a learned man cruel, wasn’t he ashamed of what he’d become?

He seemed to have no heart, and if he did it was made from stone

Why did he belittle his workers, couldn’t he leave them alone?

Time catches up with people, be careful what you do

Because bad people pay a penance, cruel deeds catch up with you

It might take days or weeks or years

Until blemishes in a personality start to appear

But Francis Hopps had dug a grave, events would affect his mind

Time indeed had caught him, the past haunted him inside.


Quick update-

My second draft of ‘Kith And Kin’ is nearing completion, and I hope to release the novel on kindle in the early Autumn. Until then, I intend to post some related poetry as ‘appetisers.’ Keep your eyes peeled for more updates.


© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016


The Underhand


He fretted about the future and how bitter he had become

John regretted opening his mouth, saying things he should not have done

He loathed the clothes upon his back, he felt useless and what was more

This job was an unbearable punishment or a destiny to be sure

John was just a mill boy, bound by misfortune or fate

Hated because his name was tarnishing at an increasing rate

He was punished for his actions and John did not understand;

Why he lay forgotten at the bottom of a pile. He always had the underhand.


©Sophie Bowns 2011-2016

July update- My latest novel “Kith And Kin”

I’d firstly like to write a quick apology for almost completely abandoning this WordPress page this year. I have been distracted by my latest novel, “Kith And Kin.” I am currently 76,232 words through my second draft and hope it will be completed within the next month… this space!

What is “Kith And Kin?”
Kith and Kin centres around my male antagonist, John McGrath who the reader meets as a frightened eighteen year old. He is trapped in his line of work during the industrial revolution in nineteenth century Britain. I feel that he is a likeable character, unlike Jude Reed; the protagonist of my previous novel, ‘The Defeatist.’ It is a piece that I have been playing around with for a while. I started writing it last year, but felt that it was lacking something and not going anywhere, so I put it to bed. On revisiting it a year later, and completely re-writing it, I feel confident so far. (I hope to release it as an E-book within the next five months.)

-Thank you for your patience.