Tiffany nomad

Tiffany :

I’m a lonely nomad, travelling from place to place

I long for kind company, but there’s no-one with a friendly face

All I want is somewhere to sleep. A place I can call my own

But instead, I wander aimlessly, because I don’t have a home

I’ve dreamt that I’ll find a friend, someone to keep me going

I don’t think that person exists, but there is no way of knowing

I shelter in public toilets, in hope that I’ll escape the rain

Lying awake in the dampness, I cry myself to sleep again

I’m the girl with no-one, because I don’t have a home;

Terrified of the future, I’m certain that I will die alone.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 15.24.51

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2015


11 thoughts on “The Girl With No one

    1. Hello Alana, thank you so much!
      I thoroughly enjoy writing poetry and it’s something worth practising when I’m in the ‘in-between’ writing stage. I’m working on something new at the moment.

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