Jude Reed :

I’m shaking in my boots; I have to get a grip

Perhaps I should blurt it out, so my words will come out quick

I might be able to confess with speed, I need to get this out the way

How the hell do I tell my Dad, what am I supposed to say?

Time is ticking now as we wait for him to come through the door

I get up from the sofa, proceeding to pace the floor

The bell goes, I die with fright. Oh Jude, pull yourself together

Dad’s going to go berserk, Simon will hold onto this forever

Dad emerges and frowns at me; he asks me if I’m ill

The blood has drained from my face, I haven’t told him still

I creep about the subject with caution, ‘Dad, I’ve been seeing someone.’

His face relaxes, ‘is she pretty?’ I look in desperation at Mum

He really hasn’t twigged; I can do this, yes, Jude you can

‘He-he is good looking, yes.’ I admit that I’ve been seeing a man

‘You’re a queer?’ He gasps, oh God, he’s furious and more!

Something hits me, I black out, as my body sinks to the floor.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 15.24.51

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