Henry & Grace

I’m feeling slightly uncomfortable; there are things I don’t know
How well did you know him? How far back did you two go?
Did you think of him romantically, did he have feelings for you?
I don’t know what to think now, perhaps you loved him too.

Henry, it wasn’t like that. I haven’t mentioned him a great deal
I no longer know what to think, or even understand how to feel
Perhaps I could have helped him, and I wouldn’t be in this position
We used to be friends, until someone changed him beyond recognition.

An extract from chapter 5 :
January 2014

She’s sleeping, wrapped in the security of her boyfriend Henry’s arms. I’m jealous, really jealous actually. I wish that someone could have cared for me like that. Grace probably has a great life, she has a lovely house. He strokes her arm, and she stirs.
“Can I talk to you?” He whispers.
“Okay, umm. I’m going to be blunt, how well did you know Jude Reed?”
“What do you mean, Henry?”
Oh no! I know what he is implying. Grace and I were complete acquaintances by the end, I mean we’d say a polite ‘hello’ if we ever bumped into each other or make small talk about the weather. That was it.
“Babe, I didn’t know him by the end. Not really. Ummm, I mean we might see one another once in a blue moon, and it really was.”
“Oh, I see.” He doesn’t sound impressed.
“Why are you questioning me?”
“I- I wasn’t. Look, I’m sorry.”
“Hmm.” Grace narrows her eyes. “You should know something…”
“He wouldn’t have been interested, even if I did fancy him.”

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