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Simon Reed : 

Why were you always so timid and shy? Forever your Mother’s son

I said some shameful things, and now they can’t be undone

I wanted you to be more like me, but instead you were so like her

You were attached to your Mum’s apron strings. Her company you’d always prefer

Perhaps I was never there for you, even though you’d try too hard;

To catch my attention just for a moment, but your feelings I’d disregard

I was shocked by your sexuality; I admit that I went too far

My actions forced you out of our door, and made you who you are

Jude, you know I didn’t like him. He wasn’t good for your mental health

Joe was like a mirror image of me. He reminded me of myself.

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2015


14 thoughts on “Apron Strings

  1. That’s a very good summary of how Jude’s Dad reflected on what happened to Jude. Too many people in life leave it too late to open up to their loved ones.

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