My novel, “The Defeatist” is free on Amazon Kindle today-

(Friday 24th July)



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So, what is “The Defeatist” actually about?

I’d describe The Defeatist as a tale of love, loss and second chances as my protagonist; Jude Reed struggles to deal with personal situations which are both in and out of his control.
The novel itself offers a suggestion of what could happen to someone in the afterlife if they happen to get trapped in the ‘in-between.’
Jude isn’t alone for long. He meets Tiffany, a seemingly free- spirited and happy young woman and these questions come to light-

  • Who is she, and why have she and Jude been put together on this journey?
  • Why can’t Jude’s Dad accept his own son?
  • What was it that actually pushed Jude Reed over the edge and will he ever be able to make amends?

(Of course, you’ll have to read the novel, to find out.)


A quick thank you:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the 11 people who have taken the time to write Amazon reviews. It really means a lot- thank you! As a writer, it’s a constant challenge. If you write yourself, I’m sure that you’re more than aware of the motivation that is required to actually sit down and write a novel.

Here are 8 tips which help me when I’m writing a novel :

  1. Use bullet pointed lists

I think the hardest thing for me and most people is actually coming up with the initial idea. Some people will plan in great depth, but I like to jot things down as I go along. For example, I’ll write a bullet pointed list of my characters and a few lines describing each one such as their age, likes and dislikes and a brief physical description.

  1. Come up with a some appropriate conflicts

Next I’ll come up with conflicts within the plot. Jude Reed, my protagonist of “The Defeatist” could be said to be his own worst enemy (rather like myself) and has to break the vicious cycle of his own self-loathing after his death. Give your main character an interesting problem.

  1. LOVE your characters.

Make sure that you either genuinely love your characters or love to hate them. There’s nothing worse than writing a book, getting about 10,000 words into it, and thinking: ‘my characters are really boring.’ Take control and sort them out!

  1. Write a story that YOU WOULD WANT TO READ.

Write in a genre that you love. The afterlife fascinates me, and I myself enjoy reading novels that flit backwards and forwards in time.

  1. Make the story believable.

There is nothing worse than reading a novel and thinking ‘that wouldn’t have happened that way.’ One of my pet hates is reading sections in novels that aren’t medically accurate. It’s strange, I know, but after doing two years of nurse training I don’t want to know that someone’s heart stopped beating and no-one attempted CPR!

  1. Write with honesty and confidence

-Don’t be obnoxious. I try to use words that people will understand without reaching for the Oxford Dictionary.

  1. REMEMBER : You are telling someone else’s story.

Keep asking yourself how your protagonist would speak and act. Make sure that you write in context. Don’t worry about your characters’ speech sounding too colloquial. At the end of the day, you want them to be believable. Make the speech in your novel chatty and natural.

  1. Lastly: don’t panic and never give up.

If you’re really struggling, leave it for a day, week, or even a month. I often find that inspiration hits me at the most random and inappropriate times- i.e. when I’m at work or when I wake up in the middle of the night.

If you enjoy The Defeatist, please leave a review!

I’m still looking for people who’d be willing to review “The Defeatist” on Amazon. If you’re interested, please tweet me at @SE_BownsFiction.

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2015


14 thoughts on “The ramblings of a self-published author. (Ps- my novel, “The Defeatist” is free for your kindle)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Francene.
      -They are just a few things that I find helpful when I’m writing novels. I have no idea how to boost my book. But fingers crossed that I get at least 10 downloads today!

    1. Hello! Thank you so much, I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read. I really appreciate the update and I’ll look forward to reading your review in the near future.

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