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More To Life


Jude, this isn’t right, you’re holding onto the past
It’s time to move on, you have to let go and fast
Forget about your hateful Dad, grow up, and get a grip
You fret about things constantly. You’re going to make me flip
Jude, we have a future, wake up, I’m trying to make you see;
There’s more to life than what you had. Now there’s you and me.


I can’t move on in a heartbeat, you don’t know what we’ve done
Dad has flown off the handle; he’s going to leave my Mum
Change frightens me Joe; I’m only eighteen years old
Don’t give me a frosty reception. Please don’t be so cold
I know we have a future, but it will take time for me to see;
That there’s more to life than my parents. Now there’s you and me.

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2015


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