It Takes Two

Jude, please dry your tears and take my hand

Even though neither of us understands

What we’re doing or where we are

We can’t stop now, we’ve gotten this far

Jude get to your feet, you can’t give in

Though your heart is breaking and you’ve grown thin

Stop blaming yourself, for it wasn’t just you:

Who broke your relationship, it takes two.

An extract from my novel – The Defeatist- Chapter 22 :

The Defeatist actual kindle image

“I behaved like a hormonal teenager!”
“That’s probably because your moods were up and down like a yo-yo!”
“No, I’m serious.”
“I was quite mean to Joe.” I whisper.
“He got really aggressive towards you; you nearly landed yourself with a head injury because of him.”
“I provoked him.”
“You know what, for now, I’m kind of glad that I was single: my life was complicated enough without fighting with a partner 24/7.”
“We did not fight 24/7! There were great times too! Joe was a good man, it was my fault. Like I said, I knew something was wrong with my body, I freaked. I should have gone to the doctors sooner; it would have at least stopped us from splitting up.”
“Who left who?”
“He left me. I deserved everything I got that day. Jeez, for the last month of my life I lived a lonely, miserable existence. I didn’t see anyone apart from my Mum. That was the final time that-that I saw her. She didn’t know the full extent, but I did. Mum knew something was wrong though, by the way I hugged her before I left.”
“It broke her heart.”
I frown, but don’t say anything. I have shouted and snapped at Tiffany enough.

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2015


5 thoughts on “It Takes Two ~ A poem & extract from “The Defeatist”

  1. Good job, Sophie! I’m so proud of you for getting your book out there! Sometimes finishing a project and launching it is the hardest thing, isn’t it, and you’ve done it! Kudos, my friend!

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