Please whisper like you never have, and tell me that you care

Don’t forget my fragile face, just because I’m no longer there

Try to remember the positive times, and the joyful days we had

Dwell on the good moments; wash your hands of the bad

Neither of us was perfect, I got snappy and you were cruel:

But I accepted it anyway, it turns out that I was a fool

I hurt you Joe, concealed the truth, I lied to your face

But then you ditched me anyway. You put me in my place.

Take a moment and remember me Joe, you must still care

Just because I’m no longer visible, doesn’t mean I’m not there.

“The Defeatist” an extract from chapter 14

He sits bolt upright in the bed, throwing the covers off both of us.
“I’m sleeping in the spare room, keep your stupid bed. You know Jude, since you haven’t been feeling right, you’ve done nothing but mope and think about yourself. Where do I come into this equation? I am not looking after you!”
“I didn’t ask you to.”
“You need me; you couldn’t even pick yourself off the floor!”
“No I don’t.”
Jeez! Why did I say that? It was unbelievably stupid. If something is going to make him fly off the handle it will be that.
I cannot stand this any longer. Our ugly relationship is breaking me.

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2015


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