Aira force

-Based on the Cumbrian folk tale.

The besotted lovers were not long betrothed, drums forced Sir Eglamore to war
He promised his weeping Emma that he’d return as he had done before
Emma yearned for her Sir Eglamore, the Knight so gallant and fine;
But alas, he had to depart, abandoning her for some time
News came that Eglamore had perished, grief hurled her into depression
Her health deteriorated seriously and she lived in a deranged possession
In time, Emma began to sleepwalk and the knight did not know;
That she was far from the sweet lady he had met some years ago
One day he returned, alive from the war to be reunited with her
He was not aware of Emma’s condition, or that her mind was deterred
Sighting her near the beck, he approached, tapping her upon the shoulder
But terror struck, and she stumbled, then tumbled over a slimy boulder
Down she plummeted as she fell on a prepiece and over the waterfall
The Knight could only watch in horror as there was nothing he could do at all.
He pulled his lover to the edge of the pool and up, onto the side
It was then Emma lost her life, for in his arms she died.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


25 thoughts on “Aira Force

  1. A brilliant poetic “flash fiction.” It carried the story very exacting from joyfulness from the beginning to the end with two a broken hearts. How imaginative a tale and a sad one. Held me with every word. It should be read more than once and I did. So much detail to focus on. Didn’t want to miss anything. jk

    1. Hello jk!
      Wonderful to hear from you. I fully intend to have a good read through your blog today, and leave some feedback for you. I love your writing.
      -I l enjoy writing poetry. I honestly didn’t think that I could do it, but then my readers and one of my favourite performers, Ben Forster (@thebenforster) gave me a new found confidence. They liked my work, (I was pleasantly surprised) so I plan to continue to write more.

      1. You do have a definite flair for poetry. I love your writing, too. It is great you have many fans. With the quality of your work, you deserve all the attention you receive. Next year I intend to do more of my own writing on my blog. It takes courage to put yourself out their and you do a great job of that.

        HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!! 🙂

      2. You’re very kind!
        I’d love to read more of your work, go for it! I need to write another novel. I’ve started a couple of things over the past few months (Kith&Kin and Defeatist) but I didn’t like either of them. For me, they just didn’t work. I hope that I’ll be inspired again in 2015.
        -Have a fab 2015! 😀

      3. I am sitting on a screenplay that I want to work in 2015. Presently, I have been writing most Haiku but feel I have longer poems inside me I want to write. Good Luck on starting a new novel. Can’t wait to see where you go with it. There are so many ideas. I am working on writing a children’s book series. My partner Shawn & I are working on it together. I see 2015 as a Great Year for all of us. I wish you the best. You have so much talent. I feel your Muse is going to be very active in the New Year. 😉

      4. Aha- that sounds really great! I’m not sure if I could write a children’s book. It sounds very tricky! Do you have a title for it?
        I have no idea where I’d go with any of my novels, it’s early days yet. Aha, I hope so! 😉

      5. No confirmed title but separate sections have subtitles. I love children’s stories in books and films and feel like a child myself sometimes. I wrote one children’s book in my 20s. The young boy 3yrs old I wrote it for absolutely loved it. I even did the illustrations. Just have to keep the words understandable and the concepts, too. Shawn seems to get that in her writing and editing. I came up with the idea and wrote out what I wanted the complete story to be and then we worked on it together from that point. Two parts of the writing are almost finished. We know what the characters look like and where it takes place. I will give you one hint: the characters are all animals. Lead character is a cat. Quite a talented cat. Enough about that.

        I truly believe your novels will start giving you their reveal and you will then sail into the writing. I hope this process goes smoothly for you. I am going through the difficult part of writing, fear of opening up the blank page. I have the words in my head I want to write but I can’t seem to allow myself to do that. As long as you keep away from that doorway, I think your Muse will be their when you need her.

        Let me ask you: does any particular story line stand out and feel stronger in its need to be told? A demanding tale that needs and wants consideration to be the one to be born first?

        I wish you a Happy New Year. I watched the ball drop in NYC Times Square then watched Daniel Radcliffe in a quirky short British series about a Young Russia Doctor in 1917. It was time well spent. Ciao! jk 🙂

      6. Well it does sound very intriguing. I love the idea of writing a story suitable for children, I’m sure it will be a hit! Where will you post it once it is finished? I love animals, it already sounds good to me!
        As a fiction writer, I don’t think I am all that great, however I do write passionately. If I could mix the two, and if I was academic, maybe I’d succeed?
        I want to write a novel where my characters really speak to me again. The character who has spoken the most to me so far was John McGrath from ‘Teddy’ (and also, Theodore) there was just something about him….
        Yes, I feel like that at the moment. I feel like I have hit a brick wall and when I am in work, I just cannot be bothered to write novels.
        -I have no idea what to do next…….
        Happy New Year, jk- thank you for all your support over the past few years, I really appreciate it. Ah, that series sounds good- I will have to find it! 😉

      7. The children’s book in four parts is hopefully going to head to a publisher if it works and they will find a great illustrator for it. We have been designing how the illustrations should appear. That is all wishful thinking. Presently, two parts are almost finished. If I were a child, which I am at times on the outside and always secretly on the inside.

        I do understand the place you are in. Since I finished my novel that I posted on my blog I haven’t been able to even look at it. Nor have I been able to write any adult fiction. I think when I am ready I will start out slow by trying to write some “flash fiction” stories and post them on my blog. It might bring down my level of fear about getting into the saddle again.

        You are so prolific, you might just be receiving a message to give yourself a break. Maybe even to write for poetry like the Cumbrian Tale. That was so marvelous. I know writing poetry makes me feel like I haven’t lost myself or the ability to be creative.

        Pressure is so hard to battle when you have produced as much as you have. All genuinely intriguing and marvelous stories. I am sure there are a great many brewing inside you but they haven’t matured enough to be experienced yet. Try not to be too tough on yourself. You definitely haven’t lost your touch. I am routing for you. 🙂 jk

      8. That sounds really excellent. How will you go about finding an illustrator for your novel? Is it four separate books or sections?

        I get really bad writers block from time to time. It’s normally in-between novels, or sometimes I am just filled with self doubt! I like writing poetry, it’s my way of giving myself a little break. I’m not going to rush this piece of fiction. I want it to be decent.

        Ah, thanks jk! I hope that my writing has improved over the years. I was just reading back over some of my old stuff and scanned over ‘Abducted’ (the first mini- series I ever wrote- approx 16,000 words long.) Ummm, I think I have improved since then, it was pretty bad! :p

      9. Hopefully, the publisher we work with will find the illustrator. That is what happened with the two books Shawn had published. It is going to be four separate books but all part of one series, all related following in a consecutive order of time. Not much time separates each part of the story.

        I try not to use those terrifying words “writers block.” They hold too much power. I feel it is just a matter of being patient with one’s Muse and with the story that will eventually need and want to be told. When that happens all the fear washes away and the words begin to flow. Pressure on one’s self only makes it harder to go through the labor pains of birthing your work. I think and feel you will make your writing more than just decent.

        I believe the more you write, the more you improve, especially if you listen to your inner voice and give her the freedom to express herself. I am so amazed when I read something I write, and I am unaware it is my writing. It blows me away to see how good it seems to me. I am surprised it is me who put those words on the page. It is a bloody good feeling to see the improvement and to let it sink in that it is your own work. It’s confidence building. You have that growth in you and you are a good writer. And you keep working at it. That is the way to go. 😉

  2. You bring the reader right there Sophie! This is truly a gift! I think I may have told you before you remind me of my daughter, creative high intellect with a huge heart! Happy love now ( instead of happy new year) …heart to heart Robyn

    1. Hello again Robyn!
      -I’m so glad that you liked it.
      Ah, do I?
      I’d say that I’m creative, but I’m not particularly intelligent/ academic. I was a C/ sometimes B student at school, but I always worked hard.
      Have a great 2015!

      1. Your writing intelligence is phenomenal !! Believe that for sure …as you are humble with your talent my friend! Much love to you always and also supporting my humble beginnings in this blogging world when I knew nothing about this fantastic world !

      2. *Blushes*
        I’m not sure that’s true- I always strive to improve my fiction/ poetry with everything I write.
        I am so determined to get published….one day!

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