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Teddy, chapter 18 :

John felt groggy, not wanting to alarm Maira he sat down with her and continued to rub her back, when really; he needed someone to massage his.
“I am fine.” He reassured her. “I’ll be as right as rain. Maira don’t worry, you have time yet and you’re doing so well. This will be easier than the first time.”
“But that was 14 years ago!”
“You’ll remember; I promise and I’ll be here at your side to talk you through. You’re only in the early stages love.”
“I know you will.” She whispered. “I love you John, so, so much. Please don’t let me squeeze your hands whatever you do. I might forget and hurt you.”
“If it helps, I wouldn’t care one bit. Now then, I think we should have a little walk up and down.”
“That helped with Bonnie.”
“Exactly, come along now.”
John supported her waist and took her hand in his as they paced up and down the floor.
“Any better?”
She nodded. “Thank you, love.”
Maira whimpered as the contractions grew closer together.
“Maira, where would you like to be?”
He did not wait for and answer and scooped her up, carrying her into the bedroom. He tucked her into the bed and propped her up against the pillow.
“The sheets will be ruined!”
“They were last time. There are spares in the draw. Keep breathing through them my love, that’s it.”
Maira closed her eyes as another contraction came.
“I want to push, John. I think I need to.”
“Not yet Maira, keep taking deep breaths and say calm. You’re doing so well. Now then, you’re going to have a very quick and easy labour.” He rubbed her stomach in circular motions. “Do you hear that little bump? Do not cause your Mummy too much pain or trouble.”

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


12 thoughts on “Teddy- Extract #3

      1. The different ways that different authors write about labour and childbirth. I always find it interesting the vast differences in the portrayal.

  1. I feel like I’m watching a show that has already been on for an hour. Will need to go back and find the beginning!

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