azure cover

(Nikolai & Jake)

The friction was there, we could never get on
The argument occurred when the others were gone
The heat boiled our tempers, you were in a rage
Like a stalking, maddened wild cat, trapped in a cage
We were too different and I was immature:
Or perhaps just spoiled, of that you seemed sure

Niko, you’re a joke: a moaning little man
Get a grip of life; I’ve tolerated what I can
I’m not at all guilty, you deserved a wakeup call
Because you needed to realise, shit happens to us all
I might have gone too far, I didn’t mean to injure you
But when I strive to do something, I always see it through

You left me for dead and then you lied to my face
I was so vulnerable, you’re a walking disgrace
Jake, you made no effort to help when I fell into the sea
Perhaps you knew people wouldn’t care. Who would miss me?
On recovery, I was piecing together parts of my shaken brain
Even then you took sick pleasure in gloating at me again.

Tim and Jenna were at your side, pipe down Nikolai
You’re nothing but a fraud, even down to the way you cry
They’re crocodile tears, what do you have to be sad about?
Other days you are so angry and filled with self doubt
I bet your parents are ashamed of the man you’ve become
And no, I’m not taking it back, what I’ve said can’t be undone.

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


12 thoughts on “Irreversible Feelings.

  1. wow! that is powerful! i haven’t read poetry in years, and your article was one to review for our blog challenge. I was going to start by saying that the artwork on your site is simply beautiful, but now i cannot let that overshadow how haunting and piercing your words are. I just have to ask if this is something based on personal accounts, or simply something invented in your head just for paper? You truly have a gift.

  2. Your poem is like a slap in the face, hard to read, hard to recover from, but a powerful ‘capture’ of the emotions and reactions to violence. The narrator has courage. This is also a very interesting way to explore further the dark side of AZURE. PS I’m here from UBC. All the best in your writing!

  3. Very very nice, I can completely relate to these characters. Puts me back in time to a place I don’t want to return to. But I suspect that’s what good writing does, right? 🙂

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