azure cover


You never play by my rules, why do you have to create your own?

You’re wasting your time Nikolai, all you seem to do is moan

Stop abandoning our projects, how hard is it to see one through?

I don’t understand your behaviour: I’ve seen two sides to you.

Why are you moping there? Do you really think this is a game?

When you land flat on your face, you’ll only have yourself to blame:

You’re irrational and moody! Nikolai, you just don’t want to know!

The best option for you little boy, is to pack your bags and go.

-My novel Azure is available on kindle for a small donation of £1.02/ $1.68;

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


15 thoughts on “Pack your bags.

  1. OK one for you MS Sophie: The father kept yelling at his nine year old son, get out of that truck, the yells were getting much louder, can’t you see that the wheels are stuck, The mother came out prouder and said that is all very bad luck, to scream at your child not knowing the why or the for what. She ripped open the door that had in fact jammed and got stuck, to only see the boys knees on the brakes for one small tiny baby duck.

    .Thank You MS Sophie for you inspiration, please keep writing.
    by: David A. Morrow SR. aka Penticular 2014

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