azure cover

(Nikolai’s perspective)

I live alone in London, yet I feel more forgotten out here

Trapped on a boat full of strangers, new faces fill me with fear

I don’t want to get too close; I despise the man I’ve become

I’ll don the mask I wear, my self-hatred can’t be undone

Stop barging into my cabin for I need some time alone

Don’t try to involve me, because I’d rather be on my own

Please don’t attempt to be kind to me; I am messed up in the head

I mull in my troubled thoughts as I lie on my cabin bed

I don’t care about popularity. I am a stupid, lonely man

Jake seems to think so too: he passes comment when he can

Please stop judging my every move, I cannot just up and leave

I am locked in an ocean prison. Give me space to breathe.

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


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