(Jenna’s perspective) 

You aim to be ignored, is it a game you want to play?

Why are you locking up your emotions, throwing the unwanted key away?

I don’t believe you’re genuine, who is the real Nik inside?

Are you so insecure about yourself that you feel the need to hide?

Why is it that you’re avoiding us, do you like to be alone?

Perhaps you’re mulling over troubled times as you sit there on your own.

It’s not good to be unpopular, I may be preaching, but I am right

I know that you’re a decent man. Please don’t strive to be disliked.


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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


11 thoughts on “A liking of being disliked.

  1. This is a great poem! I can hear it spoken with rhythm instruments being played in the background. It would make great performance art! I’m happy to get another glimpse into your ebook. Thank you very much for sharing this poem.

    1. Hey Alice!
      I love writing poems linked to my novels, so I plan to write a few more.
      -Performance art? Wow- my work has never been described as that before.
      (Azure : The Musical ?)
      Thanks for your support/ lovely comment!

  2. The fact that Nic is making no attempt to be liked might not mean that he wants to be disliked. He might, for example, be a novelist who likes to observe people without being observed himself.

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