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An extract from chapter 51 ;

Tim coughed, thinking of the best way to approach the situation. He eyed Jake who sat alone, sipping a cold bottle of Peronei.
“Ah you have the right idea!” He stated in a light hearted manner.
“The cooler’s there.” Jake muttered, tapping the ice filled box with his foot.
“You know, I think we’ve already got enough footage to make this advert. I don’t think that we even need to do anymore filming. I’ve got about 5 hours worth and we only need enough for a minute and a half. Despite Nikolai’s accident, I don’t think our time has been wasted at all.”
Jake coughed, not really acknowledging him and taking another sip of beer.
“There seems to have been quite a lot of focus on Nik recently and…”
“Really, I didn’t even notice.” Jake groaned, shaking his head.
“Hmm. Umm, have you and Nik spoken much?”
“Nope, I don’t see why I should even bother with him.
“You know Jake, I had my reservations about Nikolai. At first he showed a few traits that I didn’t like; nothing sinister, but I did thing that he was a little bit self obsessed.”
“Wow, you don’t say!”
“But Jake, something I must admit is the fact that I was so wrong! I’ve learned a lot about Nik on this holiday. He’s been through quite a lot Jake, but he is a good guy. Nikolai is caring and..”
“A true hero. You’re really selling it for him, aren’t you? Did he pay you for this?” Jake muttered.
“Finding her like that, moved him. He carried Cordelia off the beach, without any second thoughts about his ribs.”
“He’s a brave man.”
“I see this isn’t working. Do you have any idea how painful broken ribs are? Nik must have been in agony! He had his accident 2 weeks ago, his ribs have barely had chance to start healing yet.”
“You or I would have done the same.”
Tim shook his head. “You are one messed up individual; you show no remorse at all do you? I think you did push Nik! It’s a God damned shame that he can’t remember, but Jen and I am going to continue to help him to remember. When he does, then you’ll have something to worry about.”
“Pipe down Timothy; what are you going to do, have your friends beat me up?”
“What a stupid thing to suggest! Nah, that’s something you would do. I myself would quite like to see you stand up in a court of law.”

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


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