Teddy cover for wp

An extract from chapter 35 ;

“Hello!” She grinned. “I hope you don’t have the intention of staying too late.”
“Oh no, I’ll just be here for another half an hour or so. I have this shirt to finish.”
“Father, you have dark circles around your eyes; please come home. I do suppose that Mr Vaan has left?”
“Yes. He went home an hour ago. I will, when I’ve finished.”
“Oh Father!” She sighed, her mood instantly changing.
“Please don’t be cross; I don’t want to fall behind.”
“I am not, I’m just worried as is Mother.”
“Your Mother fretted about me 5 years ago and I was quite well really.”
“No, you were exhausted.  Please don’t let that happen again.”
“I won’t.”
“Please come now then.”
John glanced at Bonnie and noticed her glassy eyes and trembling bottom lip, which made his heart ache. Despite wanting to finish his work, his family were far more important. He took Bonnie’s hand in his.
“I owe little Andrew a story, I’m being stupid, let’s go home.”
Bonnie hugged him. “Not in the least bit! I love you Father.”
“And I love you Bonbon, my intelligent school teacher of a daughter.”
“I am not a proper teacher yet.”
“Ahh, but close enough! You already have one foot in the door.” He beamed. “And you are still a teenager, what a wonderful achievement. I am so proud of you.”
John placed on his coat slowly and Bonnie looped her arm through his. He locked the shop door and placed the key in his pocket, as they walked back to the house together with care. She examined his glassy eyes and more prominent cheek bones and sighed.
“Are you happy?”
“Why of course, I have been so lucky. Since I married your Mother, I don’t think I have ever been unhappy, at least not for long. I think the last time was when I was working in the fields, that was far too gruelling. It’s a shame that it took me so long to realise.”
“You seem to get coughs and colds all the time. Is Doctor Wilson worried?”
John paused; he didn’t want to lie to his daughter outright.
“He thinks that I should keep an eye on my health.”

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


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