azure cover

An extract from chapter 8 ; 

“And you! Look at yourself Niko! Yes you may have the looks, but you have the personality of a plant. You’re boring, up yourself and people only pretend to like you!”
“Oh is that so, they pretend do they?”
“Yes, you should hear what people say behind your back, it isn’t pretty.”
“Oh really? What’s that then?”
“That you’re an absolute, heartless, arrogant moron!”
“I think the moron is stood here, right in front of me!”
Cordelia gasped, with no idea of what they were saying. They were shouting and her Grandmother had told her that humans did this when they were cross with each other. She gazed up into the heavens. Were humans meant to get wet? She thought to herself, in her own quiet way. She stared at Niko, ‘my isn’t he pretty’ she thought, gazing at his expressive brown eyes, and silky dark hair, which was short but contained beautiful brown waves.
The heavens opened and large droplets of rain cascaded down onto the deck. Nikolai shivered as water dripped from his hair, soaking his shirt.
“Cold Niko?”
“Oh no, I’m perfectly fine Jake.”
“Good, because we haven’t finished. So, have you got anything else you’d like to say to me?”
“Not really, except your pathetic show is the biggest pile of shit!”
“You’re fired!”
“I’ve already walked! I want nothing to do with you, your fickle crew or this Z list failure of a production! Go and ruin someone else’s life you class A arse hole!”

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


13 thoughts on “Azure- Ebook extract #3

  1. I love this extract. The dialogue is very sharp! The insults are entertaining. I especially like, “You have the personality of a plant.” Since I am a gardener, I think that plants do have personalities, some nice and some not nice (I am thinking about those prickly attack shrubs that bite me and shred gloves, without a moment’s hesitation.) But I digress. At any rate, I have no doubt that this ebook is quite good. Would have enjoyed a longer extract as this was a bit too brief to get the flavor of the story.

    1. Hello Alice, I’m really glad that you liked the extract.
      Jake’s insults are a bit lame, aren’t they?
      -My extracts are designed to entice people, because I don’t want to give too much away. Perhaps you could buy my E-book? 😉

  2. Hi Sophie,
    Great scene with conflict! I love that line, too, about having the personality of a plant! Good luck with your ebook, sophie. Maybe you could be a guest blogger to promote it more. Looking forward to reading more.

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