azure cover

-An excerpt from chapter 7 ;

“Nik, where are you going?”
“To have a shower on the other side of the boat.”
“Well, don’t just wander off without telling us, will you?”
“Perhaps you should get me a sat nav, or even put a camera in every single room.”
“Is it impossible for you to give a polite answer?”
“Yes, yes it is when one, you talk to me like I’m a child and two; you’re being an absolute dick to me.”
“Why you!-”
Jake’s eyes flashed as he looked right into Niko’s hazel ones. He nodded, turned his back and walked away running a hand through his blonde hair.
“I hope karma gets you, you little jumped- up shit.”
Niko tilted his head back, as he stood underneath the refreshing jet of lukewarm water. He sensed the tickling bubbles on his fingertips as he washed and conditioned his beautiful hair. There came a loud banging on the door, breaking his reverie.
“Nik, remember about the shower time limit. 10 minutes, that’s it.”
He groaned, turning off the water supply with reluctance. Niko placed one foot out of the door, onto the beautifully cold tiles and wrapped himself up in the large royal blue bath towel. Returning to his cabin, he changed, placing on a different pair of flip-flops. As he emerged back up on deck, Jake noticed immediately.
“Jeez Niko, I’ve never known anyone to change so many times in one day.”
Niko said nothing.
“I mean, are you sure you’ve packed enough.” Jake laughed.
“10 T-shirts, 5 posh shirts, and 8 pairs of shorts should be more than enough for one week don’t you think?”
“It’s the heat. I suggest that you pipe down little man and learn the facts before you start preaching to me. How many tops do you own Jakey, 4? That’s all I’ve ever seen you wear.”
“Piss off Nikolai.”
“Make me.”

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


11 thoughts on “Azure- E-book extract #2

  1. “Conditioning his beautiful hair” made me think of Fabio, the man with long hair that used to be on the cover of all those romance novels I never read (no, really, I didn’t read them). I had such a mental image of him, I’m still chuckling. Good job.

    1. Hello Alana, lovely to hear from you!
      -Ah, I’m not a huge fan of full on romance novels. The likes of ‘Mills and Boon’ make me cringe!
      I did like Nikolai as a character though, even if he was a bit pathetic in the beginning!
      -Thank you!

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