azure cover

An extract from chapter 1;

“Shut up! I really don’t want to do this. Can we resume filming tomorrow? I’ve really had enough.”
“Please Niko, we’re on a time tight schedule, we don’t need you for any longer than an hour.”
“You said 20 minutes!” Niko snapped. “But fine.”
“Okay Niko smile.”
“I am.” He forced his best smile and looked into the lense of the camera once more.
“Great job Nikolai.”
‘Yes, great for you.’  He thought; rolling up his shirt sleeves and returning to his bedroom to get changed. He ditched the sky blue shirt in the wash basket and pulled on a light cotton t shirt which showed his fine physique underneath. ‘What a relief’, he sighed as he went to fetch a glass of quenching lemonade, spying Jenna in the corner.
“Oh um, you’ve changed.”
Nikolai frowned at her. “Why on earth are you following me about?”
“Niko, there are just under 30 of us on this boat, of course we’re going to bump into each other regularly. We’re going to be stopping at the Exumas soon, how amazing is that? Just… lighten up a bit. You’re technically on a paid, all inclusive cruise in the Bahamas and you don’t seem grateful at all.”
“I’m tired! Stop sticking your nose in everywhere and go and do something useful for once! I couldn’t give a shit about the islands, because quite frankly I’d rather be at home right now. I need to escape!”
“I’m not going to argue with you Nik..”
“Good. Please leave it then, because I’m really not in the mood!”
“Oh Nikolai act your age, you’re almost 21 not 15.”
“No comment.” Nikolai slammed the wooden door in her face. He sat cross- legged on his bed, his heart pounding. What on earth was he going to do; return to England and tell his parents how awful this experience had been? – He didn’t want that to have to be an option. Niko closed his eyes and prayed that something might happen to change the current circumstances, not thinking the consequences through properly in his troubled mind.

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


12 thoughts on “Azure, e-book extract.

  1. Interesting, Sophie, until I got to the last two lines I was thinking how fascinating your style of writing is – how you focus on dialogue to tell a story without sharing unexpressed thoughts … and then you let us peek inside your characters’ heads … hmm … HUGS ❤

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