Teddy cover for wp

An extract from chapter 5 ;

After a long day at school and completing the majority of her other chores; Bonnie hauled the heavy bucket of water from the well and plodded towards the house. She sighed as her shawl slipped from her shoulder and fell onto the ground. With care, she placed the bucket down so not to spill a drop and looped her shawl around her neck instead. She kicked the door and glanced around, noting her Father John, sitting by the fire. She sighed and shook her head, he looked so tired.
“Father, oh when did you get home?!” She threw her arms around his neck, pressing her cheek against his icy one and stroking his silky, brown hair. “Oh gosh I am so sorry. Mother is in town but she shall be back soon, I had just gone to fetch water. Are feeling alright in yourself? You look a wee bit peaky and just look at your poor hands!”
“Hmm.” He held out her hand to her and she took it gladly, perching herself on his knee and wrapping her arms around his neck as she rubbed his chill-blained fingers.
“I am fine dear, just a little tired.”
“Those poor chilblains of yours are getting worse, I am sure of it.”
“Ah, do not worry about me. Your Mother will have a cure up her sleeve I am sure. Gosh, I don’t know how I feel about her going out and carrying things.”
“I said that. She insisted she and the wee bump would be fine. I love you Dad.”
“And I love you bonbon.”
Bonnie laughed. How she loved it when he called her that. She got up and poked the fire; pouring tea into a cup and saucer and handing it to him.
“There, that should warm you.”
“Thank you dear, when did she go?”
“Oh just over an hour ago.”
“Ah and I see you have been very busy.” He smiled, glancing at the small pile of books upon the table. John placed the tea down, struggling to hold the cup and saucer in his numbed hands. There came a tap at the door.
“Mother!” Bonnie exclaimed, running outside to greet her. “Oh Mother, come inside it is perishing in that biting wind!  Don’t worry, I am defrosting Father. His chilblains are bad again.”

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


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