Sometimes I feel a little lost, not knowing which way to turn

It’s time to progress from past mistakes, from them I have to learn

Why is it that I feel stationary, as if I am staring into space?

What is my true calling and will I ever know my place?

Some things I have tried and tested, I wasn’t being true to myself

I’d rather be creative and happy, than living in miserable wealth

Must I always be that anxious girl, who doesn’t quite fit the bill?

No, for I am going to persevere, and my dreams I hope to fulfil.

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


24 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. Ths is the line, Sophie, that resonates the most with me: “Some things I have tried and tested, I wasn’t being true to myself” That’s okay.That is what Life is about – trying and testing. If it works for us – fine – if not, move on. The thing is, creative people are constantly changing and growing, so what is good for us at one time, may not be good at another. The key is to be able to let go if we feel that we are no longer being true. Thank you, for your inspiration! HUGS ❤

    1. It is isn’t it?
      “If at first you don’t succeed; try and try again.”
      I’d like to think that my writing style has improved over the past couple of years!
      Thanks for reading my work, Judy!

  2. Sophie, I really love this poem! Way to go. It’s really difficult when you’re on a creative path, especially when you’re a writer to get a sense of “when” all of the sweat and tears will pay off. Writing is such a solitary art, it’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed, but you’re right- keep going and persevere. If you live and breathe writing, you are a writer, regardless of how many books you’ve sold or whether you’ve been published.

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