He nods and places a hand to his forehead.
“I can’t remember why I left the building.”
“That’s okay. Were you alone at the time, Eddie?”
“Yeah, I think so. At first anyway.”
“Hon, this is good.” I encourage.“Were you gonna come home, did you try?”
“You see, this is where I cannot remember.”
Eddie’s face looks so thin and anxious, I want to stroke his cheek but I know that he will freak out.
“It’s just….you-you weren’t caught on local CCTV.”
“Really?” He gasps, as if this is completely new information to him.
“Hon, you were captured on a security camera over fifteen miles from home.”

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


18 thoughts on “Extract #6

  1. What I find, Sophie, almost as interesting as today’s excerpt your exchange with “thisyearinmusic”, who has obviously had a longer relationship with you and your writing than I have. Meaning, he got along better with Teddy than I did.

    When you first started posting your “experiments”, what I found intriguing was that initially each excerpt demonstrated a different style. Today’s doesn’t show anything new – just a bit more of the plot – which perhaps is part of “thisyearinmusic”‘s disappointment.

    I think Sophie, and I hope you don’t mind my saying, you have to rethink why you are doing this and where you want to go with it and how it fits in with the big picture.
    YOUR Big Picture.

    If you feel like exploring this further and want/need my help – with pleasure.
    HUGS ❤

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