“Hon, your breakfast is here.”
“Can I help you to reposition yourself?”
He nods. I don’t want to speak too soon, but he does look brighter this morning. Eddie reaches for the carton of juice and takes the straw from the side, pinching it with his thumb and index finger. He positions it horizontally and then vertically, not quite getting the gist.  I want to make him work it out himself, but it’s becoming heart-breaking to watch.
“Eddie, you need to pierce the circle of foil just here.”
Eddie seems to be observing me, as I tap the foil with my index finger. He’s looking at my hair or something. It’s nothing much, I pulled it up in a bun at the top of my head this morning and shoved some make-up on. I needed foundation to cover the blotches upon my face.
“You look nice.” He whispers. It’s the first compliment he has given me since it happened.



©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


11 thoughts on “Extract #5

  1. Wow. Very romantic and intimate… Forgot what that was about… 😉 Anyway, nice blog you have, I will stop by again, and am following you now. I hope you’ll stop by, too, and maybe follow mine back?

      1. Cool, good luck with this! I am working on a book myself, but haven’t really got much time to dedicate at present, so am taking it slow. I can see that you are an experienced writer, great!

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