He is always smiling. I hate it when people do that, they look mentally retarded. Anyhow, he just waltzes into my office and I didn’t hear his feeble knock. I loathe that too, when people do a pathetic tap. I look up to see him carrying a cardboard tray, filled with two large coffee cups and his briefcase in his other hand. Eddie places the coffee down on my desk and a piece of his immaculate hair flops out of place. He sighs and stands up straight again, checking his reflection in the mirror and running a comb all the way through his hair.
“Medium latte?”
“Oh, um thanks.” I state politely. He didn’t have to do that. He smiles at me again.
“I always think that coffee makes Monday mornings a little more bearable, don’t you?”
“Hmm, yeah.”
He finally goes back to his desk. Why is it that some people seem to be born happy? I mean 90% of the time, this guy is radiant and raring to go. I think he must be a morning person. A ‘bright in the morning’ bastard.



©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


17 thoughts on “Extract #2

  1. Ha! I know what you mean about always happy – people often ask me why I smile all the time, and it never seems to go down well when I say that it makes life easier. Having said that I then get people telling me to cheer up if they see me not smiling!

  2. Yup! That’s me. A morning person. I’m amazed that someone like your character could criticize a positive personality. Life is the same for us all. It just depends on our frame of mind.
    Great little story. Only thing I can help you with is the use of your word ‘down’, which isn’t necessary.

    1. Hey Francene, I know!
      *Tut, tut*
      I can be a morning person sometimes, I don’t think the character likes mornings though. :p
      -Aha, help is always good. I’d appreciate that!

    2. Francene, there are some people who, like Sophie’s character, actually resent happy people the same way they resent successful people even when they had the same opportunities. HUGS ❤

  3. This character made me laugh. I am grumpy in the morning, I must confess, although I fake “happy” for the sake of those around me. But I truly despise mornings more than I can say, and always have, even as a child.

    When I was married and had to drive my husband to work at 5am, he would come into the bedroom, wake me up with a cup of coffee, and then quickly leave the bedroom, letting me have my coffee first cup of java in silence. Wise move. lol!

    1. Really? Oh good! I hope that you’ll find him to be likeable!
      Sometimes I do to, you know. If I’m feeling down at work, I just smile. Aha- yes! Your husband was very wise indeed!

  4. Love the story, Sophie, was looking for it. And, I love this style 🙂 In awe how you can move from one style to another!

    There are so many people like our narrator – miserable people – who want others to be as miserable as they are. It is hard for happy people – people who take life in their stride to get these people.

    I used to know someone who would wake up on a sunny day, when he and his family were planning to go on a picnic, and all he would do is complain that it wasn’t raining!

    HUGS ❤

    1. Thank you so much Judy!
      In awe? Wow, I am very flattered indeed. I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me before. I wanted to prove to people that I am not a ‘one trick pony’!
      Yes, he is miserable, isn’t he? I was thinking of writing chapters from different peoples perspectives (like in “My Sister’s Keeper”)
      -God! Really? Oh dear! :p
      Thanks for your fantastic comment, Judy!

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