Theodore eye

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A short extract from chapter 3;

“He cannot walk!”
“Evangeline dear, that’s precisely what he is doing.”
“It is too far!”
“Not at all, we have but a mile and a half left. Theodore is physically fit and well, he will manage.”
“He is not getting away with this.”
“He needs space, Evangeline.”
“And spaced out he shall feel, once I have boxed his ears!”
“Evangeline, you would do well to remember that Theodore is a man of almost 20. He is soon to be engaged and then he will be able to fly the nest.”
Queen Evangeline huffed and turned her head to one side. “Where is he now?”
“About 5 paces behind us, he is a fast walker.”
“I do suppose that he looks worn out.”
King Rupert glanced back once more at Theodore, who smiled at him a little.
“No, on the contrary, he looks radiant.”
“Urgh! You would say that, wouldn’t you? He is his Father’s son after all!”
“He is your…”
“That is not what I meant, you fool. He takes after you, he looks like you did at that age, you have similar mannerisms and personality traits. If Theodore was more like me, we would not have all these problems!”
“Which problems do you speak of?”
“He is an arrogant little rooster!”
“Oh, you think that I am arrogant?”
“Well, he must get it from somewhere. He is good at most things and certainly knows it, someone needs to take him down a peg or two from time to time. If it has to be me, so be…”
“Stop the carriage please!” King Rupert cried, exasperated by his wife’s deluded lecture.
“Oh, not you too!”
Like Theodore had, he ignored her and  exited the carriage and walked towards Theodore, who laughed a little. King Rupert placed his arm around Theodore’s shoulders as they paced  through the cobbled streets together, watching the carriage spin-off ahead.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


16 thoughts on “Theodore extract; Chapter 3 (redraft)

    1. Hello Kristen, thank you!
      “Theodore” isn’t available on Amazon yet, but once it is finished, I will put it up!
      It is quite exciting. I love my characters too, I really care about them.

    1. Hey Dorit,
      I have been writing ‘novels’ for a little while now.
      I have decided to post extracts and post the whole thing as an E-book when I am ready. So far, I’ve written 51,000 words.

    1. I love ‘Theodore’ he’s such a lovely person, isn’t he?
      I thought it would be the best way to entice my readers. I’m so fond of these characters& very glad that I decided to re-draft this novel.

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