Theodore eye

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Here is a short extract from Theodore, chapter 1;

Theodore took it upon himself to pour the tea, while Jane helped herself to a large white sugar lump and stirred it into the hot liquid exactly six times. Theodore froze a little, for her precise application to tasks reminded him too much of someone else he knew. He shook his head and took a small sip of the steaming tea, instantly regretting it, for he burnt his bottom lip.
“When are we getting engaged?”
Theodore coughed, almost choking on his mouthful of tea. Lady Jane’s face fell and she tossed her fan to one side, resisting the temptation to hit him with it.
“For heaven’s sake, get a hold of yourself, Theodore! Is the news so new to you? We have been betrothed to each other for almost seven years, surely you plan to propose to me at some point? Why, if my Mother was the Queen, we would have been married at 18, we’d have a child and another one would be on the way. What is the matter with you today?!”
“Must you be so abrupt?”
“Well, you’re not likely to break are you?”
Theodore wanted to escape, each day he sensed how similar she was to his Mother and that terrified him. He gazed at her pale complexion and the lilac dress he had bought her which suited her fine figure perfectly. Lady Jane was stunningly beautiful to look at; almost like a painting and it was true, they made a very attractive couple. Many people had said so, including his parents. He envisaged them getting their portrait painted together and it being placed on the palace wall next to his Mother and Father’s. Theodore disliked that painting greatly, it looked so false. He sighed and shook his head.
Theodore snapped from his reverie. “I am not likely to shatter.” He muttered.
“In response to your question, I mean.”
“Oh.” She noted his slightly glassy eyes and felt a hint of guilt. Lady Jane stroked the lock of wavy chestnut hair away from his face. “I fear that I have upset you, my dear.” She planted a gentle kiss on his structured cheekbone. Theodore wanted to tell her to leave, but he could not bear the thought of causing another argument.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


13 thoughts on “Theodore extract; Chapter 1 (redraft)

      1. I think so it will keep people interested, and possibly help get new fans. All the press you can get before you release the novel the better right.

        Yes, editing takes so much time and effort. I am looking into a group called The Book Butchers, for a short story of mine I am hoping to publish, and they seem really helpful. Additionally, I read over a compilation of short stories from another wordpress author, Adam Drake, before he published it on Amazon, and he suggested that getting other writers to read it had helped him as well.

        All the best!

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