Teddy cover for wp

I stayed later at work today and walked home alone in the dark

I feel like my spirit is dampening, I am worried I have lost my spark

What a relief it is to be home again and join my girls by the fire;

My wife Maira is such a beauty, her courage I truly admire

Maira no, I don’t want a bath, I just want to clamber into bed

But you won’t let me do this; you insist that I must be fed

No dear I haven’t lost weight; my worn clothes have been stretched

Saying that I have grown too thin is really quite far-fetched

Please don’t worry about me any-more; I’m not in too much pain,

Except from my creaking knee joints and my unsightly looking chilblains.

-“Teddy” is now available on Amazon.
Buy it here (UK) or here (USA)

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


13 thoughts on “In Denial

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