Teddy cover for wp

On entering the dining room, the atmosphere turns cold

I want to make a swift exit as the argument unfolds

Poor Father looks so dreary, Mother is too highly strung;

I am terrified of the woman, for she has a poisoned tongue

Mother scolds me for not knocking, Father just smiles

Oh Father why won’t you stand up to her once in a while?

The conversation is minimal, how have things gotten this way?

We sit eating expensive cuisine, with not a word between us to say.

-Click here to buy “Teddy” on Amazon;

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


24 thoughts on “No Words

    1. Hello Jennifer, yes, my novels are available on all of the Amazon websites, you’ll just have to change .co.uk for .com 🙂
      Thanks for your wonderful support along the way, Jennifer. Sales have been a little bit slow, but they say that word of mouth really helps!
      Ps. I am currently re-drafting “Theodore” it’s so lovely to hear from you! x

      1. Yes, I would love to. It may not be immediately. Just started taking time to read again. Have been devoted so much to my blog & writing, I forgot it is a good idea to renew one’s self with others’ words. So, when I finish reading Azure & Teddy, I will write one for each. I must say I love the beginning of Azure. Good Luck with all your writing. Now I must start something new or continue with something I’ve been working on.

      2. Yay, that would be really fantastic, thank you!
        I like Azure too. I have to say that I prefer writing in a modern style. I started something brand new yesterday, I’ll have to see how it goes.
        I have never been a fan of reading. I always go for short stories/ shorter novels!
        -Good luck with your new piece and as always, it’s lovely to hear from you!

      3. I never seem to have time to read but I am going to try to make some time. I use to love to read but the blog takes a great deal of time. I’m in for some changes ahead. Need to relax more & switch things up a bit. Orders from my shrink. Need to think & do things that are positive. No down material in my future if i can help that. It is always great to hear from you also. 🙂

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