Father don’t get up from there, Father please stay put

What a terrible fright we got, as you lay there with your eyes shut

You won’t have to wait for much longer, for help is already here

The men are going to guide you back to the house; really you have nothing to fear

Mother oh thank goodness you’re there, please don’t be alarmed;

For Father will be safe now, we have just rescued him from harm

I think we should fetch for Doctor Wilson. Yes, it should be said;

But at his moment in time, we must assist the poor soul to bed.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


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16 thoughts on “Help Is At Hand

  1. So many thoughts going through my head as I read your post, dear Sophie 🙂 As I have no context other than my own reality, I see a man, a miserable man who has found himself caught up in senseless violence and destruction. He himself knows not why.

    His wife is there – to rescue him. Could she have prevented his fighting? Can women really prevent violence driven by men? Can they truly fix all they have broken?

    And the Doctor – Will-Son – hmm … will = legacy/inheritance? will = desire?
    And the father…. a wretched soul goes off to bed leaving havoc and chaos behind him.

    The impact of your post on someone like myself – outside its context – is a clear indication of the power and quality of your writing.

    HUGS ❤

    1. Hello Alana!
      That was the effect I was aiming for! 😉
      Yes, it’s another in my ‘Teddy’ poetry series.
      I just haven’t posted any poems in a while. I’ve been busy re-drafting ‘Theodore’ / preparing my E-books. Thanks for all your support! 😀

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