I roll down my sodden shirt sleeves over my icy arms;
And gaze at the other men who are struggling on the farm
Drops of rain cascade over my dark, broad- brimmed hat
And tortuously meander down my goose-bump covered back
I sit on a tree stump so I can take a small sip of water,
And divert my mind to spare a thought for my wife, son and daughter
With 7 hours to go, I must forget about my aching chilblains;
And find a way to distract my mind from the never-ending pain.

At last the day ends, but I must walk home in the shower
My body temperature is dropping significantly lower by the hour
I reach out my heavy arm to tap our little cottage door
And at last I see the friendly face of the woman I adore
I can no longer think, and my legs have almost given up
Yes, Maira darling I’d love a drink of tea, but I fear I can’t hold the cup
Although you suggest that I should have some stew, I am too tired to eat
My limbs are whitened with the cold and I can no longer feel my feet.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


12 thoughts on “Endurance

  1. The cadence of every line coincide with the steps he takes and bring you right down to pain! Nice work Sophie! 🙂

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