Maira, you coped so perfectly, what would you like to call this little man?
Our baby son has just been born, oh how proud of you I am!
I think Andrew is fitting Maira dear,  he is such a handsome child
He has my eyes and your lovely nose; he is both of us compiled.
It is time for you to sleep my love, for you have had an exhausting day
Just rest your head against the pillow, let your cares just melt away
Bonnie and I will wait up a while and ensure that Andrew is well
Don’t you worry about a thing now, for on the future you must dwell.

You seem less troubled that you did, it is lovely to see you smile
Father, I will sit with you now, let us stay together for a while
Gosh, just look at the difference between my pale, and your reddened hand
Forgive me that was rude of me, when you work under such hard demand.
It is four o’clock in the morning, I have school and to work you must go
I wish that you could rest Father. You’re exhausted, Mother and I know.
Would you like anything to eat, or shall I make you a cup of tea?
Please look after yourself Father, for you mean the world to me.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


16 thoughts on “Plea

    1. Thank you Alana!
      So far, I’ve covered chapters 1-22.
      (All the relevant things)
      There are lots more to come. When I eventually do get my work put into E-book format, I would LOVE to include them! 🙂

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