Queen Evangeline looked up from her needlework, for she was nearly done,
She hadn’t seen Theodore all day and wanted to speak with her son
Mr Howard approached her as she cast the tapestry to one side;
She confronted the servant, asking him where Theodore could possibly hide
Her blood heated, boiling in her veins and something snapped within
She ordered Mr Howard to find him, and swiftly bring him in
The Queen shook her head in frustration, and pressed her lips into a line
Did her son have no idea of reality; was he even aware of the time?

Mr Howard darted outside, seeing Theodore sat on the cold stone seat
Theodore sighed as he was approached and their saddened eyes did meet
The young Prince shook his head as his stomach filled with butterflies
How his Mother made his legs shake, her behaviour he did despise
“Mr Howard.” He stated, “I think would rather die than marry;
For no one cares for me anyway; and this county I cannot carry.
Mother has already chosen a wife for me and of her I barely know
Why is it that the prospect of everything, terrifies me so?”

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


11 thoughts on “Restrained

  1. Very well portrayal of theodore’s stigma n d complications of mother-son relationship in poetry 🙂 touches our heart, sophie

  2. Really cool. I’m not usually a poetry fan, but this read more like prose. I could feel the tension immediately through your word choice and sentence structure. In just two paragraphs/stanzas you captured a universal feeling. Thanks!

  3. Lovely 🙂 It would really be interesting to actually get inside the Queen’s mind and find out why she is the way she is 🙂

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