My heart is fluttering within my chest, I need to rest but don’t know how;
For my beautiful wife is in labour, I must stay for she needs me now
I gaze over at her flushed face and kiss Maira’s clammy cheek
I must stay, though my legs tremble. I feel I could sleep for a week.

Dearest Father, you’re very white! Here, you must sit down in this chair
Drink this cup of honey tea I made, or Mother will start to despair
I know you are worried about her, but please take a moment to recover
She has the best care she possibly can, don’t you fret about Mother

Thank you Bonnie, you are very kind. I felt a little tired just then
Yes, I shall rest here until it is necessary for me to assist again
Maira here now, hold my hand, this won’t be for very much longer
For as the hours pass, the time nears. Your contractions are getting stronger.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


19 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. As usual, your post is rich with imagery and a gripping narrative Sophie. Its been long that I’ve had a chance to follow your posts.

  2. Have to ask the obvious question, Sophie: Have you had a child? I like this very much, and how you switch between the characters from one verse to the other. But it made me wonder if you have had a child? Jina

      1. Fair enough. I just wonder if the poem would be the same after you had gone through labor yourself. That is the beauty of a true artist – the true artist’s work evolves in line with their lives and experiences as a true artist puts their very heart and soul into their creations. I say that having just written a post that included a section on Vincent Van Gogh – and no truer artist has their ever been than he.

      2. Even though I haven’t written from personal experience; I do write from the heart.
        I base my characters on people I know& write as if I were in their shoes.
        I can assure you that I put my heart and soul into my work.

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