Everything was still and tranquil, but then Maira felt her stomach change;

A tightening ached across her middle, as she sat by the fire range

John roused from his slumber, as he had been dozing in the fires glare

For he sensed that something had altered; of Maira’s distress he was aware

He got to his creaking knees and placed his arm around his beloved wife’s waist;

He reassured her with an overwhelming calmness. Bonnie left the house with haste.

She ran to dear Minnie Pip’s house, the one with sage upon the door

As John stayed with Maira and helped her pace up and down the floor

The contractions grew closer now, how Maira’s poor hands did shake

But the exhausted John comforted her, willing himself to stay awake

He lifted her in his gentle arms and like a child, carried her to the bed;

He placed the warm blankets around her pregnant waist and put a pillow behind her head.

Maira willed herself not to squeeze his chill-blained hands, resisting temptation to push

Minnie Pip and Bonnie rushed through the door, both breathless and scarlet flushed.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


17 thoughts on “Childbearing

  1. Bold move Sophie, to pick this scene to make it into a poem, without losing the sense of urgency and suspense for a delicate moment. Kudos! 🙂

      1. I’d like to know what inspired you to pick that part of the story to be a poem. What did you feel?

  2. Lovely poem, sophie… Soft, sensible n expressive…. Only i found d ending a bit incomplete. May be another verse on Maira or john’s sense of relief at d mid-wife’s arrival would do. 🙂 what do u say?

  3. How lovely Sophie – just bought and read “Teddy”. Getting back to reading your lovely works. A beautiful poem!

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