Mother, you’re heavily pregnant. Please sit down and rest your aching back
I demand that you must sit there still, while I clear this garden path
The floor needs to be swept and mopped and I shall wash the clothes
Mother, don’t you dare attempt to pick up those books; I shall collect those
Here now, hold out your hands, for you I have made you some tea and toast
Just sit in that chair now Mother dear, for it’s a break you need the most.

Bonnie, you’re a wee darling, but I can assure you that I don’t need to rest
You cannot do everything alone today, my dear I might have to protest
But the day is so very fine as the sun carefully caresses my cheek
Oh I am happy, this is like a being in a gentle paradise so to speak.
You have such fantastic confidence, my advice you don’t need to ask
As you do everything so conscientiously, completing every, single task.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


27 thoughts on “Maternal

    1. Hello Alana!
      I know, Bonnie really is lovely isn’t she and she has coped so well…poetic interludes also give me a chance to have little breaks and make edits!

  1. Sophie! You have engaged my curiosity 🙂 I may be totally off .. not quite sure how all the pieces of your blog fit together. Confusion of a latecomer … I will get there. Your writing plays the tune of the Pied Piper … I cannot resist following along.
    HUGS ❤

  2. As I expected, your poems have a soft touch that connects with the reader immediately. I think your poems are a hit! Congratulations Sophie! 🙂

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