Your Grace it grows colder, oh won’t you go inside?
What is it that troubles you? In me you can confide
Is there something that is frightening you? Niggling from day-to-day
Your Grace, if you’re getting anxious then to me you can just say.

You must think a lot Mr Howard, for you spend so much time alone;
Just like I am forced to do, because you’re the only friend I’ve ever known
Pray, tell me what you think about and what ideas fill your mind?
As you plant those onion-shaped bulbs, arranging them line by line

I am grateful that I have served your family for all of 15 years
How happy I have been here, despite my initial fears
But you must go in now, for I must complete this task
Please take care of yourself your Grace, that is the only thing I ask.

Yes Mr Howard you are right, the temperature drops; there is sign of rain
Why don’t you come indoors too, so that you don’t get soaked again?
Oh goodness, yes the dark clouds are gathering, as I step inside and frown
The heavens suddenly open on you, and the rain falls swiftly down.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


21 thoughts on “A Sign of Rain

    1. Hello Lisa!
      Thank you for your feedback; I really appreciate it. There have been showers on and off here today.
      I’m glad that it painted a picture! 😀

  1. As you can see dear Sophie, your poems are well written and involve a short story, very realistic concept! 🙂 I like that a lot!

  2. Wonderful writing. I appreciate your work and I look forward to exploring your older posts! Thank you for sharing.

    Do you have any books on SmashWords or Amazon?

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