John, I know that you are sleeping and you might not be able to hear,
But I’m afraid that you’ve lost some weight; that is what I fear
You spend your days working too hard, trying to earn your keep
But in reality; you’re wearing out and are too deprived of sleep

Maira, it’s not for much longer, just until our work is finished
Then I promise I’ll leave the fields, for I am not yet diminished
I admit that I long for Sunday, for it is the only day I rest
I must continue my work; although it puts my stamina to the test.

Oh goodness me, I disturbed your sleep. John please forgive my speech
I cannot make decisions for you, or even presume to preach
Wee bumpie is wriggling around tonight; it loves to hear your voice
John my dear, would you leave the fields if you were given the choice?

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


23 thoughts on “Dearest John

  1. Sounds like me! I do think I like to sleep, so it is self inflicted! By the time my head hits the pillow, I am usually asleep in 5 minutes! I know I am sleep deprived.

    Great poetry! A nice way to start my day.

  2. Beautiful Poetry! I, too am married to a work-a-holic that is very sleep deprived! Sometimes this makes for some very funny conversations that normal people would not understand! We just gotta love ’em!

      1. The sneaky way that Maira approaches the subject of leaving the fields, she acts as in a casual way but she is deliberate. John being half asleep tries to compromise but he’s not really convinced of that idea for now.
        My comment, you created a short dialog very realistic and the scene describe how real couples act for real.

      2. Ah yes, she is good at dropping hints.
        Thank you so much. I am always really flattered when people say that my work is realistic!

  3. I feel a great connection to this post. I also have a hard time sleeping. The poem is beautifully said.

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