Your Grace, your parents are holding a dinner. One tonight I hear
Come now, I’ll run your bath, for the time is growing near
Is the water deep enough? Does the water temperature suffice?
I am glad it does, your Grace, I’ll leave you to your own devices.

Theodore good heavens! Do not cross the landing in a towel
Do you have no modesty at all? Why, this behaviour is simply foul
Your hair is dripping down your back. Oh Theodore, this will not do
For goodness sake don’t frown at me, things don’t revolve around you.

I cannot please Mother and how it is breaking my heart
Why are we all the more contended, when we are apart?
Her controlling ideas frustrate me, she does not give a damn;
I pray that Mother releases my strings, sad puppet that I am.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


23 thoughts on “Puppet

  1. “I pray that mother releases my strings … ” WOW! That is powerful. I am still trying to figure out your story, Sophie, because I came in in the middle. But this one can definitely stand alone. Are we parents really like that? Pulling on the strings of our children? When do we let go? Or perhaps we never do … just loosen up a bit and pretend that we are setting them free. Thank you so much for getting me thinking about something so meaningful. HUGS ❤

    1. Hello Judy!
      Thank you for your beautiful comment.
      RE: the strings; I think some parents are more possessive than others. Children need space to develop and grow to be decent adults!
      Theodore is trapped, not really knowing which way to turn and his Mother is a complete control freak! I really feel for him. 😦

  2. Where there are strings there is control. Where there is control there is manipulation. That’s a path that should not be taken. Nice intelligent writing Sophie! 🙂

    1. I know, and it makes me really sad as Theodore is a good person. 😦
      I wonder how different things would have been if he’d been born into a different family, say Bonnie’s? Unfortunately, he is well and truly stuck!
      -Thanks Alana! 🙂

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